The 2017 SWIM has done well - over £3800 already received...and surely more to come!  Now it's time to think of our activities in 2018, so please come to the Annual General Meeting, Oxford Town Hall at 7.30 p.m. Tuesday 10th October. Anyone interested in our work here and in Leon is very welcome. 

Coffee from Nicaraguan farmers' cooperatives, often organised by women!

Feedback on our coffee is very positive, as it should be for this delicious coffee. It is on sale at St Michael’s in Cornmarket. Please contact us on the email address below if you would like some and sell it friends, family and colleagues. We sell at £4 a 227gm. bag.
We also have some little Nicaraguan paintings (15x12cms.) from Leon one of which we show here which have now all been sold! So why not buy the cards made using the pictures?
If you have any comment or queries please email
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